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The Hindu: Adorn with paper

Adorn with paper

Paper jewellery is her forte and Deepa Sekar tries to achieve a 3D effect.

Jewellery is something a lot of people experiment with – from traditional gold and silver ornaments to fancy trinkets -all kinds of jewellery is available in the market today. The latest which has caught on is paper jewellery.

Deepa Sekar tried her hand at making paper jewellery and began retailing it under the name of 10 Fingers about three months ago. Working with paper has been her hobby and she started with making articles for return gifts. She soon realized that her paper jewellery was becoming popular and began sending it out to retail outlets.

“Vanilla was the first place which began stocking my jewellery and it has been three months since I started supplying to them. In January I launched my collection at DakshinaChitra,” says Deepa. Each piece attempts to replicate a 3D model and she works with different kinds of paper. “Paper has its own characteristics – it has a certain durability and stability. How long it will last also depends on the way it is used and how often it is used,” says Deepa.

She sometimes gives a varnish finish to the jewellery. The range she has designed for DakshinaChitra includes earrings with an oxidized finish. She has even made a crane-shaped origami earring. Deepa’s creativity doesn’t stop with making paper jewellery. She also makes some beautiful gift tags, gift adornments and gift wrappers. From being an online content developer to designing paper jewellery and other paper artifacts, Deepa has come a long way in a rather short period.

She still freelances for online businesses but concentrates on her passion for craft. She will be into online paper jewellery business soon.


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