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The New Indian Express: Making magic in paper

She makes delicate trinkets out of colourful folded paper, but jewellery is her passion, her latest The Leaf Collection is now on display.

” I have no particular formula, in fact I don’t even buy my paper from a single place.”

It’s unconventional, it’s different and above all it’s paper. Deepa Sekar’s 10 Fingers! is no ordinary jewellery. The name came from her little son’s description of her work and carried forward as one she attaches to her pieces. Little dangling stars, jhumkas and now leaves in her newest collection are what it is all about. “I like to call it wearable art/ craft. Whenever I see or visualise art I can’t help but think about the functionality of it. I would never indulge myself in art that stays pretty on a shelf”, says Deepa.

She started her self-taught endeavours a year ago and slowly began displaying them at the store in Vanilla Café, Mylapore. “As a kid I was curious and always wanted to know the techniques behind every kind of art. This is perhaps what went forward into me developing my own techniques”, she says.

“I have no particular formula, in fact I don’t even buy my paper from a single place. I began with solid colours and little pieces made out of folding paper and then attaching the metal parts using glue”, she adds.

Fragile as it may seem, this jewellery is colourful and perfect to be teemed up with western outfits, what’s more it’s almost weightless. “The jewellery is then coated with a sealent and left to dry which provides the necessary hardness and moisture protection to the jewellery”, she { tells us.Deepa also runs a blog on paper jewellery and posts her updates on Flickr “I make something new every month, this month I decided on the leaves as a method of symmetric paper folding”, Deepa says.The leaf collection is on display at the store, Vanilla Café, Mylapore until stocks last.


 – Prachi Sibal

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