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Femina Magazine: Pretty In Paper

Femina Magazine, July 29 Issue features 10 Fingers! Paper Jewellery
Femina Magazine, July 29 Issue features 10 Fingers! Paper Jewellery

Pretty In Paper
Femina Magazine – Segment: Launches –  Issue: July 29, 2009

10 Fingers! is Deepa Sekar’s delightful collection of paper jewellery that promises to be eco-friendly.

What’s New: 10 Fingers!, a jewellery line crafted out of paper.

Where to buy: Click to view the Retail Outlets in Chennai (or you can also place your order by email; for details contact paperjewelleryindia at gmail dot com )

What you get there: This is not your run-of-mill jewellery line. Designer Deepa meticulously and painstakingly crafts paper jewellery, making it not just wearable but also fashionable. She self-admittedly enjoys creating craft that is functional. “I am constantly working on new designs”. she says. “This is just the start.”

The quirky earrings and pendants from 10 Fingers! have a strong aesthetic appeal. The jewellery by itself is a fusion of craft techniques like origami, weaving and quilting. The designs in the shape of leaves, stars and interesting swirl patterns stand out the most.

This line strikes an easy balance between boho and Indian, making it fun eclectic collection. Deepa sources the paper locally and prefers to use patterned and textured paper to achieve her signature look.

What we loved: The entire concept, which is like a breath of fresh air in a market that is inundated with metal, plastic and costume jewellery. The bright copper sulphate blue leaf earrings and the jewellery made with paper printed with Sanskrit script are definitely pick-me-ups. View gallery!

Price points: The jewellery is priced between Rs.175 to Rs.500, while direct orders are usually a little lower.

Article by: Swetha P Venkataramani

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