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Chennai Chimes: Adorn Crafted Paper

Paper’ is derived from the Greek term for the ancient Egyptian writing material called papyrus, which was formed from beaten strips of papyrus plants. Paper is used by the vast majority to write on, but we have Chennaite Deepa Sekar who creates jewellery out of paper and has started her own online outlet called 10 Fingers!

Deepa is a commerce graduate, who became a freelance writer after quitting a full-time job as a content manager. She started making jewellery and put to good use her knowledge of the internet to showcase her products online. Since she got very good feedback she progressed the idea with a business angle. She recalls that during school days she was encouraged to pursue craft as a hobby and her parents always bought her the best of books to learn and try her hand at different things. She says ‘Thank God there was no Television’ so she had a lot of time to be creative. Craft continued to be a hobby and she feels that childhood passion fueled has played a vital role in getting her into serious business.

Deepa uses paper that is mostly (organic) and handmade. The mediums used are biodegradable to make them environment friendly. She makes each piece of jewellery meticulously with her hands and creates different designs to offer variety. Deepa also runs the business by herself. She handles the marketing, answering queries, taking orders, executing them and couriers it to her clients. She stamps elegance in her exclusive work and is continuously trying to experiment and be innovative with new ideas.

I asked if she was happy with the progress made so far and she answered with an affirmative. She also added ‘It is good to know that the jewellery I make is attractive to women and I have had orders from across India over the last few months. I am having orders from across the world as my jewellery has an international appeal. There is a demand for my creations because they are trendy and I ensure that every piece is of the highest quality. Retail outlets in Chennai have started exhibiting my brand’.

Deepa has many ideas up her sleeve to keep her customer interests alive. She is also planning to spread her product range to other hand crafted products. Her experience over the last year makes her state with conviction ‘People should follow their heart giving expression to their passion. The only way to find out if it will be successful is to give it a shape and form and go all out at it’.

An interesting chat with Deepa revealed her passion for her business and the confidence that her creations are of the highest quality. This entrepreneur is sure to succeed in all her endeavours for her enthusiasm is very evident in the way she has conceived an idea and given concrete shape to it. She also exhibits keen business instincts in the way she has ensured that product information reaches her target audience, making optimum use of technological advancement and the reach of the internet to innumerable homes across the world.

– Mala Barath, Editor, Chennai Chimes

Chennai Chimes is a website that carries only the Good News of Chennai along with the good work done by silent contributors, who help in shaping this society for the better. Its ideology is to highlight the positive happenings of our city to add value to the readers, thereby creating positive vibrations in the society.

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