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Just For Woman Magazine: Be Prepared to get Hooked!

Be Prepared To get Hooked! – Fashion Jewellery Feature. Just For Woman Magazine, India – July 2009 Issue.
Leaf Collection by 10 Fingers! Paper Jewellery

Turning passion into profession, meet (fashion) jewellery designers whose designs are creative and affordable. The story features Deepa Sekar of 10 Fingers! Paper Jewellery and 3 other fashion jewellery designers in Chennai.

Paper Jewellery by Deepa Sekar

It is fasinating that something as basic and simple as paper can be fashioned into stunning and elegant pieces of jewellery. The paper elements of the jewellery takes the centre stage while the subtle bead compositions, accent the overall aesthetics.

Deepa Sekar, an online entrepreneur worked as a freelancer for a dotcom company for a while. She started posting her jewellery creations (online) which evoked a very good response. This prompted Deepa to start her own brand ’10 Fingers!’ Vanilla at Mylapore gace her the break to promote her products. She retails at Dakshina Chitra on ECR Road too.

She was enamoured by paper crafts right from childhood. “In India, paper jewellery was always thought of as jewellery made with paper beads. One sees paper jewellery taken to eccentric levels at fashion shows. I want to change that perception and create awareness that an average woman can also make a fashion statement by wearing elegant and stylish paper creations.” “ I want my jewellery to be functional – that which blends with a woman’s existing wardrobe” says Deepa.

Article by: Janaki.

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