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What makes 10 Fingers! paper jewellery unique?

Simply put, it’s made with paper, an unconventional material for jewellery.

What is Paper Jewellery?
Paper IS the jewellery. Paper  is meticulously hand-crafted into a sturdy three-dimensional paper form, making it a wearable art, like no other.

What kind of paper jewellery can one find in 10 Fingers! Collections?
Mostly drop earrings and pendants.  Glass beads, stones and other jewellery findings are used for design variations.  Subtle to bold, the  jewellery compositions are designed to highlight the paper elements of the jewellery.

Jewellery Sets: Earrings with pendants. The pendant can be fixed on to a  silver chain / 2 mm bead row / silk thread cord. I do have a fine range of coloured silk thread chords, do specify in your order if you require a cord with your paper jewellery set.

Can you customise the paper jewellery?

Custom jewellery orders, not available at the moment.

If its paper, wouldn’t it tear?
In the creative process, multiple folds and layers of the paper is created. This makes the paper adornment sturdy. The jewellery can handle mild pressure.

Is the jewellery waterproofed?
To protect the paper jewellery, it is treated with multiple top coats; this makes it moisture resistant and sweat resistant; but not water proof. In case it gets wet follow the jewellery care instructions provided on the earring tag. The same is mentioned on this page, below.

How to care for the paper jewellery?
Handle and store with care, just as you would for all your precious jewellery!
Avoid water contact – remove your paper jewellery before you shower or swim.

In case of water contact – set aside jewellery to dry in room temperature. Do not blow dry.

Cleaning Instructions:
To clean the jewellery, gently wipe with a moist cloth.Ideally use  a soft terry cloth, add just two to three drops of water on the cloth; now gently wipe the dirt spots on the jewellery.

IMPORTANT: Do not use  soap/ detergent/ alcohol based cleansers on the paper jewellery.

How eco-friendly is the paper jewellery?
Eco-conscious would be a better word to define 10 Fingers! paper jewellery. Made mostly from handmade paper (organic source; wood free paper). The products are created in a smoke free, pet free environment.

Where is 10 Fingers!’ handcrafted paper jewellery available?
Do subscribe to my Facebook Page or my blog for event and exhibition announcements.

What jewellery findings  are used?

Good quality jewellery findings.


Can I resell  10 Fingers! paper jewellery products?

Yes, if ONLY you are a reseller by contract with 10 Fingers! (Applicable to both online and / or offline resellers) Contact….. for more information and reseller special offers.

Do you conduct paper jewellery classes in Chennai?
No. 10 Fingers!’ is in the business of making of paper jewellery.

– So there you have it.  Email me if you have any other paper jewellery related question.


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  1. Helen mary permalink
    January 7, 2011 9:15 am

    How to buy the paper jewellery? Is there any cost ?

    • Paper Jewellery permalink*
      January 11, 2011 1:33 pm

      Hello Helen,

      You could always place an order by email or simply drop by my stall/ shows. Information of my exhibitions are announced on both my Facebook page and on this blog.

      Thanks for dropping by!



  1. Order paper jewellery by email « Paper Jewellery

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